How does it work?

It’s quite simple.
On one side, there are mentors, native or near-native speakers, who commit having two hours a week of online conversation with a mentee in a developing country.

On the other side, there are mentees, students and teachers in developing countries who want to improve their language proficiency.

Mentor and mentee meet one-to-one, using a tool of their choice (Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp, Teams or any other tool).

It is important to have a regular schedule, for example, every Monday at 17.00 and every Saturday at 11:00.

The topics of conversation are communicated a few days in advance. Mentor and mentee will receive a ‘Target language Sheet’. This ‘Target Language Sheet’ is a tool. It’s a vocabulary and idioms list that helps mentor and mentee to keep the conversation alive. It’s not a list of all words that need to be used, it’s a list of words that can be used.

Mentors also receive a ‘Helper Sheet’. This ‘Helper Sheet’ contains a series of questions that the mentor can use during the conversations. Again, it’s a tool, not a list of mandatory questions!

But you’re free to deviate as much as you want, after all, the purpose of Language Buddies is to help people practising their day-to-day English!